About The Salameh Insurance Group

The Salameh Insurance Group is here to give you peace of mind. We are dedicated to working with the top rated carriers in Florida to bring you, the client, the best insurance plans possible. In 2009, The Salameh Insurance Group began their journey and is dedicated to providing peace of mind to all Floridians for many years to come.

Creating and making a difference.

Chris SalamehThat is what our drive at The Salameh Insurance Group is. We strive to create a different experience than you have ever had before when insuring the things that are most important to you. In everything we do we make sure that you have superior customer service, are well informed about the coverage you have so you may have peace of mind, that we taylor each policy to your specific, changing needs, while all at the same time, making sure you are getting the most competitive rates fronm the number one carriers in Florida.
We are as available to you as some of the internet only companies but with the perk of having an agent you can speak to face to face anytime. We cater to your busy schedule by offering online quote options and even keep you up to date with all the changes in the industry with our social media outlets. See why so many people in your community are raving fans of the Salameh Insurance Group by calling us today.

Message from the President

We are here to make a difference. A difference one might considerably remember. In this world there are differences all around us. Some we notice and some we don’t. Here at the The Salameh Insurance Group, we like to put an emphasis on the difference. We enjoy creating a separation from your experiences with your current agency and the more simplistic experiences we can provide. Let us do the shopping for you. We’ll find you a great company at a great value with a better experience then your current ones. The best part of all… you keep the difference.


“Here at The Salameh Insurance Group we believe in creating and making a difference. Creating, by tailoring your policy with a great insurance company at the most competitive rate. We’ll make the difference in your experience with our agency. Best of all….you keep the difference”

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Chris has been our agent for almost two years. We could not have been better served! Chris was responsive—always available when needed; he was thorough—knew what we needed before we did; and he was always willing to figure out how to make things work. With Chris, we know that we have someone who is competent, who cares about us, and whom we trust.

- Pat H. and Dennis F.

The Salameh Insurance Group provides exceptional service above and beyond ‘other’ competitors. I will continue to recommend my friends and family to use The Salameh Insurance Group for all of their insurance needs.

- W. Michael & H. Michael

The Salameh Insurance Group reduced my company's insurance expense considerably and improved the quality of our coverage. Chris has your best interest in mind and treats you like you are his only client.

- Kipp H.
VP Bio-Haz Solutions, Inc.