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As an Independent Insurance Agent in Jacksonville, Florida, we work with insurance carriers to get you the absolute best rates on auto, life, home and commercial insurance. Fill out the form to receive a free quote. A insurance representative will contact you very shortly.

The cost-of-living is such today, that it makes sense to look at all your fixed and variable costs. Your insurance comprises a significant portion of those costs, so to examine them occasionally is a wise activity.

You can be assured that The Salameh Group takes this seriously. Their goal is to help you decide the appropriate insurance for your life, home, and autos, and then acquire it at the best rates possible.

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Chris has been our agent for almost two years. We could not have been better served! Chris was responsive—always available when needed; he was thorough—knew what we needed before we did; and he was always willing to figure out how to make things work. With Chris, we know that we have someone who is competent, who cares about us, and whom we trust.

- Pat H. and Dennis F.

The Salameh Insurance Group provides exceptional service above and beyond ‘other’ competitors. I will continue to recommend my friends and family to use The Salameh Insurance Group for all of their insurance needs.

- W. Michael & H. Michael

The Salameh Insurance Group reduced my company's insurance expense considerably and improved the quality of our coverage. Chris has your best interest in mind and treats you like you are his only client.

- Kipp H.
VP Bio-Haz Solutions, Inc.