Homeowners insurance in St Johns FL

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Shopping for Homeowners Insurance in St Johns Florida?

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Here are some things to consider. The St johns areas including Julington Creek and Nocatee are some of the fastest growing and most desirable communities in the entire United States. There are many families moving to these areas on a daily basis. So lets take a few minutes and chat about some things to look for when buying or building a new home. Utilizing these tools will help you now and down the road when selecting proper insurance policies.

Some small things to take into account:

                    Construction: Most people don’t consider the construction of the home when buying or building. For instance, rates on a brick or masonry home are less expensive than on a Frame or masonry/veneer home. Not to mention, concrete block construction helps on the energy bill as well. These things are becoming a bit more important as our rising energy and food costs continue to decrease the disposable income percentages within households.

                    The roof is another aspect which can help you save money both in the short and long term. If you are unfamiliar with the different roof geometric shapes you can watch a short 1 minute video HERE. Having a hip roof saves money due to the risk of damage in a windstorm. If you looked at the video, you would notice wind would affect a hip roof much less than a gable roof and this definitely shows in the rates. I hope we were able to help with just a few tips during your homeowners insurance or new home search. Please contact us for a free evaluation on your homeowners insurance policy, we are located right in the heart of St johns Florida near Julington Creek .

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Auto Insurance Companies in Jacksonville Fl

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Auto Insurance ValueAuto Insurance Companies especially in Jacksonville can sometimes bring a negative connotation in ones mind. Do you feel that your auto insurance rates continue to rise and there is always some illegitimate excuse as to why they are rising? 

Take a few minutes and learn all the different reasons why this happens and what you can do to save yourself the headaches.

First, find an independent Insurance Agent in your area whom you have repport with and trust. The difference between an independent agent and a captive agent such as an all state or state farm agent is the availability of companies within the agency.
Auto insurance companies such as those two mentioned only use exclusive agents to sell the product. Therefore you can only buy an allstate auto policy from an allstate agent.
Independent agents are just that. We are contracted with many auto insurance companies and have a much more advantageous ability to find the best rates for you or your family’s situation.

Next, keep in mind that rates change all the time, especially here in Florida. Check with your agent and inquire about any future scheduled rate increases that any of the Auto insurance companies have made them aware of. That way, we can keep this in mind when selecting an auto insurance company.

Before selecting a company, don’t always go for the cheapest. Understand the policy you are purchasing and exactly what it covers.

We believe if you keep this in mind, you will be steps ahead of the game in purchasing your next auto insurance policy. The Salameh Insurance Group in Jacksonville Florida has an extended list of great auto insurance companies to choose from that will support any desire you have.

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Jacksonville, Florida

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New insurance Website | The Salameh Insurance GroupThe Salameh Insurance Group has just launched a New Insurance website thats been re-engineered and improved. Come on over and take a look around. Here are a few cool things to take a look at. Browse around our different types of insurance pages and get a grasp on what The Salameh Insurance Group has to offer. Submit your information for a free Auto or Homeowners insurance Quote. When you have had a great experience with our services, please leave us a testimonial on right on the homepage!  You can subscribe to our mailing list and even download my Book “Insurance: Who Knows?’ for FREE ($47 value! ). 

By choosing to work with The Salameh Insurance Group, we will save you time and money. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers, so we partnered ourselves with the top – rated auto insurance carriers in Jacksonville, Florida all of which are more than capable of taking care of you and your family.

We are committed to protecting your home, We work closely with more than 15 of the top homeowner insurance carriers. With a wide variety of insurance carriers to choose from and our expertise, we will find the perfect plan for you.

Check out our Intro video right on the home Page of the New Insurance Website and see just what The Salameh Insurance Group believes in. We believe you will benefit from the structure and dynamics of our new site, and find value in our site with it’s ease of use. We hope you enjoy the new insurance website and please leave us a comment and let us know what you think! We at The Salameh Insurance group would love to service your security. Please Call us to inquire how we can you not only save money but find value in your Insurance again! Get a quote HERE.

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Chris has been our agent for almost two years. We could not have been better served! Chris was responsive—always available when needed; he was thorough—knew what we needed before we did; and he was always willing to figure out how to make things work. With Chris, we know that we have someone who is competent, who cares about us, and whom we trust.

- Pat H. and Dennis F.

The Salameh Insurance Group provides exceptional service above and beyond ‘other’ competitors. I will continue to recommend my friends and family to use The Salameh Insurance Group for all of their insurance needs.

- W. Michael & H. Michael

The Salameh Insurance Group reduced my company's insurance expense considerably and improved the quality of our coverage. Chris has your best interest in mind and treats you like you are his only client.

- Kipp H.
VP Bio-Haz Solutions, Inc.